AT&T U-verse Customers Get Wireless Cable Box Option

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No cable outlet, no problem. On Monday, AT&T will release the U-verse Wireless Receiver for $50 plus a $7 per month rental fee. What can you do with this magic box? I’ll tell you in the next paragraph. This is just a little written-word foreplay to get you ready for the actual news.

In a room with a phone jack and a power outlet—hopefully near one another—you’ll set up the residential gateway, which connects to the phone outlet and pulls in all the bits you’ll need for your TV, voice and internet service. The gateway connects to your wireless access point and turns all those bits into floating particulates used for surfing the web and watching TV.

Meanwhile, in another room with only a power outlet, your TV will connect to the aforementioned wireless receiver you paid $50 for, plus $7 per month. That wireless receiver pulls down the particulates from the gateway/access point combo in the other room so you can watch TV.

As you can see in the above video, this gentleman is going to use his new wireless receiver to move his TV out on his patio like a knob. “I’m getting fresh air, but I’m watching the game!” You can tell his wife’s not home, because if she saw him carrying the TV towards the porch, she’d be like, “Where the crap do you think you’re going with that thing?”

Aside from watching TV outside like a lunatic, there are a couple actual benefits to this. One: no need for a technician to come out and drill holes all over your house. Two: the receiver is small enough that you can take it from room to room and hook it up to anything that has the proper inputs. So when this guy has to sleep in the guest room, he can take the cable programming that’s driving a wedge right down the center of his marriage with him.

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