New Mouse from HP Has a Dedicated Facebook Button

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The days of typing “” into your browser’s address bar? Gone! Bookmarks? Pah! Shortcuts? Those require double clicks. Two clicks? Did we lose a war?! There’s got to be a better way! HP might have the answer with its new X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse.

This mouse has a dedicated Facebook button. Click it, and you’ll be whisked away to Facebook. There’s more, too, if you’re interested. The mouse has a touch-sensitive scroll strip between the two main buttons that you can use to navigate your way through, oh I don’t know, Facebook.

It also connects to your computer wirelessly not via a USB receiver, but by plain old Wi-Fi. That means there’s no receiver to lose. The catch is that you’ll have to use a Windows 7 computer with a “Windows 7 logo certified Wi-Fi network adapter.” You won’t, however, need to be connected to a wireless router or anything like that. The mouse connects directly to the Wi-Fi card inside the computer. It’s science. Battery life is rated at up to nine months, too.

Yours for $60.