Minecraft and Other Android Apps on Sale for 10 Cents

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A bunch of Android apps, including hits like Minecraft, Swiftkey and SoundHound, are for the moment priced at 10 cents each. It’s not clear why these apps are so heavily discounted–it could be a glitch, or a yet-to-be-announced promotion–but you better act fast if you want to save some serious cash.

(UPDATE: The official word is that this is a Google promotion to celebrate 10 billion Android Market downloads. Every day for the next 10 days, Google will offer 10 new apps for a dime a pop. Keep an eye on the promo page for the latest.)

Here’s the whole list, thanks to Android Central:

Even if you don’t have your Android phone or tablet handy, you can make your purchases from the Android Market links above, and remotely download the apps to your device.

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