Create Your Own Absurd Smartphone with the Android Name Generator

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Have you heard about the brand-new HTC Amaze Optimus XT 3D? How about the LG Desire Incredible Plus Z Prime? The Sony Ericsson Devour Touch Pro?

Of course you haven’t, because they’re not real phones and those names are ridiculous. They’re the product of the Android Phone Name Generator, an ingenious site from the people over at YinzCam.

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The irony of a company called YinzCam making fun of absurd product names aside, this site is a whole lot of fun because it lays bare the formula for modern tech marketing: meaningless technobabble + words that sound like they belong in an episode of Transformers + inane PR buzzwords = a good name for a smartphone.

Read all three of those fake phone names again. Do they really sound that unlikely? For all we know, LG is working on the Desire Incredible Plus Z Prime right now.

Take the very real Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. Really? They couldn’t cram a few more buzzwords in there? Samsung’s a repeat offender in the horrible names category. Go online right now and you can purchase a Samsung Solstice II, Samsung Conquer 4G and, most notoriously, the Samsung :), presumably named by the CEO’s 11-year-old daughter.

Nothing can beat the Casio G’zOne Commando, of course, which sounds like the world’s worst G.I. Joe character. What are your nominations for the worst smartphone names ever?

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