New App Lets People Know Where You Just Made Love

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SharQ Ltd.

You check in when you’re eating at a restaurant, watching a movie and shopping in a store, so why not check in when you’re engaging in the sweet, sweet act of lovemaking?

Because it’s gross, that’s why. Still, for the mobile voyeurs out there, may we present the I Just Made Love app for the iPhone.

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That’s right, now every time you do the nasty, you can pinpoint your location on a map, specify whether you just did it inside, outside, in a car or on a boat, and add whatever additional details you might want to share for some sad, strange reason.

It’s the free download that has Gizmodo’s Jesus Diaz saying “Can we survive as a species after this?” and iTunes commenter Die13Nasty raving, “Either they never update the app or no one is having sex lately.”

I’d personally rather have those eels from Wrath of Khan released into my ear canal at a Justin Bieber concert than know where my friends are getting busy, but hey, that just might be me.

[via Gizmodo]

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