Best Buy’s Daily Deals Site Selling Pre-Owned Nintendo Wii for $70

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Best Buy-owned is discounting video game consoles today, with one of the better deals being Nintendo’s Wii for $70 (plus $5 for shipping). For comparison, popular used game reseller GameStop sells used Wiis starting at $90.

The Wii consoles offered via CowBoom are a grab bag of either pre-owned or refurbished units, depending on what loads up for you when you get to the site – refresh the page and check the “condition” section under the description tab to see what you’re offered, then keep refreshing until you find one you like.

The refurbished units seem to be in slightly better shape and, perhaps more importantly, aren’t missing as many items as the pre-owned models – check out the “What’s in the box?” and “What’s not included?” headings to see what you’re getting. For instance, I stumbled upon the black Wii console which comes with the newer Wii Sports Resort game; others include Wii Sports, and some don’t include a game at all. All are priced at $70, though.

You may want to pony up for a one- or two-year warranty as well, which costs $9 or $17, respectively. CowBoom has a 30-day return policy otherwise. Good luck!

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