Cord-On-Board: New iPhone Case Packs Its Own Charging Cable

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Philadelphia-based CaseInity‘s protective iPhone case looks to solve the simple-yet-persistent I need holes! problem every iPhone owner faces by making sure you’ve got a 9.5-inch USB charging cable with you at all times.

The Cord-On-Board, as it’s called, is currently a Kickstarter project seeking $20,000 in funding. Early donors who pledge $25 will get one of the cases when they ship in March; latecomers will need to pony up $30.

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Stuffing a charging cable into a protective case understandably adds a bit of bulk to an otherwise svelte iPhone 4 or 4S, but CaseInity spins the added girth as “ergonomically designed to relieve the stress of repeated motion.” That, and the case allows the phone to be positioned horizontally or vertically without the need for a swing-out leg to support it.


Aside from having a charging cable with you at all times – which is the real draw here – the case also addresses the phenomenon wherein you can never find your iPhone cable even if you keep it in the same place all day, every day. It’s similar to how if you leave two cables in two opposite corners of a large empty room, the next time you enter the room, those cables will be tangled together. I don’t know how that happens, and I honestly don’t want to know.

Cord-On-Board Case by CaseInity for the iPhone 4 / 4S [Kickstarter]