Highlights from Day Three of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

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Doug Aamoth / TIME

After two days of press-only hoopla, the Consumer Electronics Show’s main exhibits finally opened. Order and structure was replaced by chaos and insanity. These people are animals.

Some of us are running on fumes. Jared said he got four hours of sleep last night. I, myself, turned in at 4:30am with my alarm set for 9:15am in order to make a 10:30am meeting, but at 7:30am, I awoke to a girl in the hallway aggressively yelling into her phone.

“There’s nobody here with me! Oh my GOD! It’s called a WORK TRIP! You don’t trust me at all! That was ONE TIME! He’s not even staying in the same hotel! He’s a sales guy! THEY’RE ALL LIKE THAT! I can’t even go away on a work trip without you freaking out!” The conversation went on for a good 20 minutes, exponentially escalating in absurdity with each comeback.

So that was my morning.

But enough about me! Let’s take a look at the cool stuff that’s been going on at the show:

And here are my Fitbit walking stats for Tuesday:


Scheduled for Wednesday: Intel’s hybrid tablet/ultrabook concept, car apps, augmented reality, Samsung goodies and much, much more.

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