8 Super Bowl Apps for Your Perusal

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Haven’t you heard? Nobody just watches TV anymore — you have to be playing with a smartphone or tablet the whole time. So while you’re “watching” the Super Bowl this year, here’s a list of apps you can use.

app1Super Bowl XLVI Official NFL Game Program (free)

This is the official Super Bowl XLVI game program, similar to the one you’d get if you were at the actual game. Since it’s a digital version, though, it features a bunch of additional content from the 2011 NFL season, past super Bowls and more. The app is free.

Download: iPhone | Android

app2Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative App ($2.99)

If you’re a little bit more serious about the big game, this official app has been cobbled together by NFL Magazine and “includes each team’s road to Super Bowl XLVI, a breakdown of the game, written recaps and key stats.” After the game ends, you’ll get access to video highlights “as well as interviews, pictures, animated plays, stadium shots and much more.”

Download: iPhone | Android

app3New England Patriots 2011 (free)

The official app of the New England Patriots includes news, stats, interviews, a live blog, fan club locator, cheerleader photos and more.

Download: iPhone | Android

app4New York Giants Mobile (free)

The official app of the New York Giants includes news, videos, photos, podcasts, stats, social media aggregation and more.

Download: iPhone | Android

mzl.ixwknbir.175x175-75NFL Pro Tweets (free)

This app comes from the NFL Players Association and pulls in tweets directly from NFL players who are active on Twitter. It’s a Twitter app unto itself, as well, so you can use it to post your own tweets. There’s no Android version, unfortunately, but the iPhone version is free.

Download: iPhone

app6Shazam (free)

Shazam is for music right? Right. But you may have noticed little Shazam icons starting to pop up on your TV during commercials. Use the app to tag ads running during the Super Bowl – “almost half” will be “Shazam-enabled” says the company – and you’ll have a chance to win cars, gift cards and exclusive content.

Download: iPhone | Android

mzl.qhblwizi.175x175-75Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials ($1.99)

Speaking of ads, this $2 app will corral all of this year’s Super Bowl commercials and includes popular Super Bowl ads going back to 2006. It’s iPhone-only – sorry, Android users.

Download: iPhone

mzm.zuxlobiy.175x175-75Air Horn! (free)

What are you going to do when your team scores? Yell like a Neanderthal? The upper crust of society – that’s you – relies on the tried and true air horn.

Though both the Android and iPhone versions go by the same name, they’re actually from different developers. Both are free and both include access to multiple horns – the Android version has a much wider variety, though.

Download: iPhone | Android

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