All Twitter Users Now Have the New Design

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Did you wake up and find that your Twitter account looked a little different? You’re not alone: Twitter has announced that all of its users now have the new design that began rolling out back in December.

What’s different about it? The biggest change is a “Discover” tab that displays trending stories along with relevant tweets. Think of it as Twitter’s version of Google Trends, a place where you can quickly scan the stories people are tweeting about.

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Also under the “Discover” tab is an “Activity” option that lets you see who your friends are following. It’s basically Twitter’s version of Facebook’s News Feed, and frankly, it’s not very helpful. That said, it’s not as invasive and annoying as News Feed, so you probably won’t even notice it.

The whole design is neatly divided into columns and it’s pretty easy to use — unless you want to access your direct messages, in which case you have to go over to your profile menu and scroll down to find them. Why direct messages aren’t under the “Connect” tab is beyond me.

While reactions have been mixed, there haven’t (yet) been any Facebook-style revolts, even though Twitter is obviously trying to mimic Facebook. Of course, if you use a third-party Twitter client such as HootSuite, you probably won’t notice anything at all.

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