Finally, an iPhone Case with a Built-in Canister of Pepper Spray

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Exciting times, friends. There now exists a fashionable iPhone case that pulls double duty as “the essential tool for your personal protection,” according to the fine art of marketing.

“Sounds great,” you’re undoubtedly saying out loud while those in nearby cubicles wonder who (don’t I mean whom?) you’re talking to. “But such an apparatus will surely misfire inside my purse/man bag or the pocket of my skinny jeans/skinny jeans for men.”

Be quiet for a second and read this!

Attached to the iPhone an integrated safety tab prevents the pepper spray from accidental discharge. By taking the pepper spray from the iPhone it will be automatically unlocked.

So, yes, the dream of being able to cover someone in pepper spray directly from your iPhone sprayhasn’t quite been realized, but having your own little bottle of pepper spray on you at all times should serve as some sort of consolation.

A couple other quick things: The system costs 37.50 Euro (roughly $50) and there doesn’t appear to be a way to purchase it unless you’re inside Germany. And if you’re inside Germany, be aware that this system “May only be used as an animal repellent and for this purpose it is not subject to the German gun law.”

Can’t fight City Hall – or in this case, national law.

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