SlickDeals Front Page Now Lets You Hide the Pants

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SlickDeals had a minor problem: Although it’s a useful site for finding discounts on electronics, clothes, home goods and other products, most users never ventured past the front page. So a redesign for the site, which launched early Thursday, attempts to help those users out by making the front page customizable.

Think of Slickdeals as the Digg or Reddit of discounts. Users look for cheap goods around the web, then share their findings with other Slickdeals users, who can vote on the quality of the deal in the site’s forums. A team of editors look through these user forums, verify the best deals and slap them on the front page. The site’s roots are in electronics, but it has since expanded to appeal to a larger audience.

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Because not everyone wants to see plaited jersey shorts or rice cookers on the front page, SlickDeals is adding a set of sliders for customizing which deals show up there. Each category slider has three settings — dislike, neutral, and like — along with subcategories. You can also control which retailers appear on the front page and click a check box to see the most amazing deals regardless of what category they’re in.

Slickdeals is making some other minor alterations to the front page, including an editorial section with stories such as “The Best of Credit Card Rewards Programs,” and pop-up previews for featured deals. Users can also view a tutorial on how the site works, and see how many votes and comments were made on a given deal without clicking through to the deal page itself.

For now, Slickdeals still doesn’t offer any apps for smartphones, but CEO Bryant Quan told me that the company is working on apps for the iPhone and Android. Expect to see them in two or three months.

I like Slickdeals, but I tend to use it a bit differently than the average user. Instead of visiting for the front page, I tend to use the site only when I need a specific type of product, searching by keyword and combing the forums. But perhaps with the ability to filter out what I don’t need, I might be compelled to visit more often.

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