Bad FaceTiming: Woman Walks into Apple Store Glass, Sues for $1 Million

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Manhasset Apple Store

An 83-year-old woman named Evelyn Paswall is suing Apple for $1 million after she walked into a Long Island Apple Store’s glass wall and broke her nose.

CBS New York reports:

Paswall claims that she didn’t realize that she was walking into a wall of glass as she approached the store, and says that she broke her nose as a result of the collision.

Her suit claims that “The defendant was negligent . . . in allowing a clear, see-through glass wall and/or door to exist without proper warning.”

The store in question is located in Manhasset and has since posted “warning strips” on the glass, according to the report (MacRumors has pictures of the strips). Paswall “is demanding $75,000 in medical expenses and the remainder in negligence charges,” says CNET.

In case you hadn’t heard, Apple has deep pockets – so it’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out. I, for one, submit that Apple should make its storefronts all glass in the winter and then convert them to screens for the spring, summer and fall (while permitting employees to wear cutoff jean shorts). That’s just an idea, though. While it’s downright hilarious when someone walks into a screen door, walking into a big pane of glass isn’t quite as funny.

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