Sweet! A Much Nicer SugarSync for iPad

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Harry McCracken /

At the new iPad launch, Tim Cook took time out from saying glowing things about Apple products to say something critical about Android tablets: Many apps available for them feel like nothing more than smartphone software that’s been stretched to fill a larger screen. It’s a fair criticism. But there are also some iPad apps that have the same too-much-white-space design.

Until last week, one of them was the iPad version of SugarSync, the otherwise nicely-done service for syncing files between multiple computers, phones and or tablets and keeping everything safe in the cloud. It got the job done, but it looked pretty much like a copy of the iPhone version that had been flattened by a steamroller.

But there’s a new update for SugarSync for the iPad, version 3.0, that finally feels like SugarSync for the iPad. It has a space-efficient multi-pane interface, supports gestures such as drag-and-drop and is generally slicker from top to bottom.

It’s a must for SugarSync fans — and a good reason to check out SugarSync if you have an iPad and haven’t settled on one cloud service to wrangle your files across all your gadgets.