Consumer Reports Names Apple’s New iPad as Top Tablet

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Robert Galbraith / Reuters

Apparently the new iPad’s supposed overheating problem didn’t bother Consumer Reports too much: The nonprofit organization put it at the top of its tablet ratings released earlier today.

If you have read any iPad reviews — including the one from our very own Harry McCracken — a lot of Consumer Reports’ positive comments should look familiar:

The high-resolution screen of the new iPad establishes a new benchmark in excellence, providing the best rendering of detail and color accuracy we’ve ever seen on a tablet display.

The 5-megapixel camera took very good photos. Verizon’s 4G network yielded very fast, dependable connectivity to a 4G-compatible version of the iPad in our informal tests. And despite the energy-intensive display and graphics, the iPad still has longer battery life than all other tablets.

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Consumer Reports did address the overheating problem which, if you don’t remember, it originally brought up a few weeks ago. After further testing, it has decided that the new iPad is warmer in spots than the iPad 2 but “didn’t find those temperatures to be cause for concern.”

In case you needed more proof that everyone is in love with the iPad, a new poll from ChangeWave Research found that 82% of owners of the new iPad are very satisfied with their purchase. Not surprisingly, the most popular aspect of the new iPad is its Retina display while the least popular is its price.

Now, keep in mind that the sample size of this poll was only 200, so we’ll have to wait until someone does a more comprehensive report until we declare the new iPad a unanimous success. Still, the fact that Apple sold 3 million of them in its first weekend is a good sign that, gee, some people really like this thing.

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