New $350 Garmin GPS Golf Watch Sports ‘Glove-Friendly’ Touchscreen

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The problem with these golf GPS devices is that most of them cost north of $300 in an era of  smartphones with golf GPS apps that can be had for a song. There’s something to be said about simplicity, though – and battery life.

Case in point: I use the $10 AirVue Golf app for the iPhone when I play golf. It does a more-than-fine job, especially given its price tag. But it’s hamstrung by the iPhone’s battery life. Assuming I could keep my iPhone’s screen from timing out (I can’t – my iPhone has no “always on” option due to its corporate security settings), I’d be lucky if I got through an entire round with any juice left. So using the app basically entails me having to tap the power button, enter my phone’s passcode and wait for the GPS connection to get its bearings straight before I take each shot – all in direct sunlight, which washes out the screen.

These dedicated golf GPS devices are a lot more seamless, of course, though the $340 price premium for Garmin’s Approach S3 watch isn’t worth it as far as I’m conc—aw, damn it. Who am I kidding? I want it. This happens every year when it starts to get nice out. I need a new driver! I need new irons! I need new golf shoes! My putter is trying to murder me! I need a new one!

Here’s why I need this watch now, too:

  • 27,000+ preloaded courses – no subscription fees.
  • “Green View shows you the true shape and layout of the green. Use the touchscreen to manually move the pin to the day’s location.”
  • “Glove-friendly” touchscreen even though I’d wear the watch on my left wrist and my golf glove on my left hand.
  • “The S3 functions as an everyday watch, and it has a odometer so you can see how far you walk each day…”

I probably do need a new watch for everyday wear, right? And the built-in odometer guarantees I’ll be in the best shape of my life. And the Green View feature guarantees I’ll decrease my handicap by at least 10 strokes by the end of the season. And the lack of subscription fees basically means I’m making money with this thing. It’s all a big, fat write-off, too!

Help me. I’m so very, very weak.

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