WATCH: Rescuers Use iPhone to Save Little Boy from Well

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In what will hopefully one day become a TV movie, a little boy in China was rescued from a well with the help of an iPhone.

The two-year-old fell down a narrow, 40-foot well in Mengzi City, a small city in China’s Yunnan Province. According to The Telegraph, firefighters were having trouble fitting a harness around the boy because it was originally designed for adults.

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Luckily, the iPhone came to the rescue. After pumping oxygen into the well to help the boy breathe, one of the firefighters lowered his iPhone down on a rope.

Watching the video feed from another iPhone, they were able to carefully fit the harness around the boy and pull him up to safety. The toddler, while obviously not too happy with the situation, was taken to a local hospital where doctors determined that he had suffered no major injuries.

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