‘Snake’ Cellphone Game Controlled with Recorders from Music Class

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Snake Charmer

I basically gave away the entire story in the headline, which is a cardinal sin as far as the fine art of “getting people to click on stuff” (technical term) is concerned, but I just can’t contain my excitement.

So Snake — remember that game on your old-school Nokia phone? And remember having to play the recorder in music class? (I assume for the sake of this article that all of you went to Concord Elementary, took Mr. Nelson’s music class and have at one point in time owned an old-school Nokia phone.) Some enterprising individuals have cobbled together the ability to control Snake using recorders. They call it Snake Charmer.

“Is it as exciting as it sounds?” you ask, adding, “No pun intended!”

Sort of, if you’re down with short bursts of recorder notes. The whole thing has an almost Oompa Loompa-type quality about it. Still, it’s Snake being controlled by a recorder. Progress!

Recorder controlled Snake game played on a Nokia 6110 [Hack a Day]