Finally, an iPhone Case with a Built-in Magna Doodle

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In a world brimming with iPhone cases, it takes a lot to get noticed. This iFoolish case might just have what it takes.

Careful to sidestep any legal entanglements, the £19.99 ($32) case simply bills itself as “a 3.7″ retro red magic drawing board,” though the resemblance to the venerable Magna Doodle is uncanny. Kids, ask your parents about it and hunker down for a good hour-long, misty-eyed tale of simpler times when people couldn’t skip commercials, video games had only one button and children frequented a magical land known as “outside” – t’was truly ancient history.

The iFoolish case currently features free shipping even on international orders (the company is based in the U.K.) but that offer is only good “for a limited period” according to a recent update on the company’s Facebook page.

iFoolish [Product Page]

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