‘I Cried’ YouTube Button Lets the Internet Know When You’re Sad

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Google already did research to find the funniest YouTube video of all time, but what about the saddest? What videos make you break down like James Van Der Beek on Dawson’s Creek?

Thanks to Project Goodcry, now you can mark YouTube videos as sad with the “I cried” button, available as a plug-in for Google Chrome. Getting choked up when they finally put Rudy in at the end of the game? The plug-in lets you see that 129 people found the clip as much of a tear-jerker as you did. Press the button and you can even rank its level of sadness from one to five tears.

The statistics are then saved and compiled in a database created by project founders Dee Kim and Bistin Chen. Check out the Project Goodcry website and you’ll find a ranking of the Internet’s saddest videos.

Right now a clip from Disney’s The Fox and the Hound has the top spot, although my vote is for the number eight video — the montage from Pixar’s Up that teaches children that even if you find the love of your life, he or she will inevitably be taken by the cruel hand of death, leaving you old and alone, regretting all of the trips you never took and finding a sliver of solace in neighborhood children who fear you.

If it’s all so depressing, why do we need an “I cried” button in the first place?

Here’s what the button’s creators say:

The intention is to find out what type of content makes people cry, to suggest a simple way to communicate the state of crying in digital space, and to help people reflect and ask themselves “What makes me cry?” “What does it feel to know what other people cried about?.”

It’s like a group therapy session, via YouTube! Also, this project has confirmed that the saddest things in the world are Disney movies from childhood.

[via PSFK]