10 Quick Tech Links: Verizon Kills Unlimited Data, Facebook vs. Google and More

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Here’s a handful of interesting tech stories from around the web for Thursday, May 17.

Facebook vs. Google: The epic battle [CNET]

The Facebook IPO will embolden the social network company to up its fight with Google for the online advertising market. Don’t expect Google to back down.

40 Apps That Can Make You More Productive [PC Magazine]

Get the most out of yourself with these apps that will help you work more efficiently and boost your productivity.

Existing unlimited data plans’ days are numbered, Verizon says [Ars Technica]

Verizon sees a way out of unlimited data plans through its upcoming shared plans, Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said at a JP Morgan conference on Wednesday.

Updated Web Video Player [Netflix Blog]

If you watch movies and TV shows streaming from Netflix on your PC or Mac you may have noticed that we have updated our Web video player.

How Mark Zuckerberg Hacked the Valley [Businessweek]

On the eve of Facebook’s IPO, a look at the daring decisions that took the social network’s price tag from $1 billion to about 100 times as much.

How to Hide Your Tweets from Google [Lifehacker]

If you did release a bad tweet, the Twitter support page has put together a guide for getting those tweets out of Google’s search.

Study Confirms Amazon Reviews Are as Reliable as Media Critics [Gizmodo]

While there are some dubious reviews floating around on Amazon, the system has one thing going for it: power in numbers.

Which Video Game Controller Is Best? No, Seriously. Which? [Kotaku]

Which controller is better, Xbox or PlayStation? What do touch-screens like the Wii U and the Vita hold for the future? Is the Kinect good for anything except pausing Netflix videos (and is it even that good at that)?

Backups are good – but don’t forget to check your backups work [Sophos]

The “Toy Story 2” movie was nearly lost forever because of failing backup software. Watch the video to find out the story, and how the classic animated movie was recovered.

27 Better Things To Spend $38 On Than A Facebook Share [BuzzFeed]

Facebook shares are going for $38 a pop. Is that really the best use of your hard-earned cash? Here’s what you could be getting instead.

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