10 Quick Tech Links: Apple Designer Knighted, Facebook Lawsuits, Death to Rickroll and More

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Here’s a handful of interesting tech stories from around the web for Wednesday, May 23.

Jonathan Ive interview: Apple’s design genius is British to the core [The Telegraph]

Apple’s design guru Jonathan Ive, who receives a knighthood today for creating products such as the iPad, tells Shane Richmond why this country’s industrial heritage lies behind his success.

Facebook, banks sued over pre-IPO analyst calls [Reuters]

Facebook Inc. and banks including Morgan Stanley were sued by the social networking leader’s shareholders, who claimed the defendants hid Facebook’s weakened growth forecasts ahead of its $16 billion initial public offering.

Happy Birthday, Pac-Man! [PC Magazine]

Pac-man—the iconic game and character that elevated video games from seedy arcades to national past time—is 32 years old.

Rickroll Meme Destroyed By Copyright Takedown [TorrentFreak]

It’s possibly one of the most popular ever memes in the history of the Internet but today it lies in tatters.

Will Microsoft Benefit From the Google-Motorola Deal? [New York Times]

The news on Tuesday that Google closed its $12.5 billion deal for Motorola is welcome for both companies, which have been waiting almost a year for the acquisition to get the final green light from regulators. However, there might be a third winner in the deal: Microsoft.

Amazon Prime acquires streaming access to Paramount films [CNET]

When it comes to offering popular movies over the Internet, Amazon continues to close the gap with Netflix.

IBM Outlaws Siri, Worried She Has Loose Lips [Wired]

If you work for IBM, you can bring your iPhone to work, but forget about using the phone’s voice-activated digital assistant. Siri isn’t welcome on Big Blue’s networks.

Nvidia reveals Kai: a platform for building quad-core Android tablets priced at $199 [The Verge]

When Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said we might see $199 Tegra 3 tablets this summer, he wasn’t speculating idly. Nvidia has revealed that it’s working on just such a tablet: Kai.

Microsoft Takes Bing Streetside Offline in Germany After Privacy Complaints [PCWorld]

Microsoft has taken its Google Street View-like service Bing Streetside offline in Germany after German citizens expressed their worries about how Microsoft handles requests for blurring of images, the company said on Tuesday.

Apple, Samsung fail to reach agreement in court-ordered talks [AppleInsider]

After two days of settlement talks involving each of the companies’ chief executives, Apple and Samsung failed to reach an agreement that would end their sprawling patent infringement suits.

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