10 Quick Tech Links for May 30

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Here’s a handful of interesting tech stories from around the web for Wednesday, May 30.

Tim Cook at D10 on Steve Jobs, Apple TV and Facebook [All Things D]

The Apple CEO was unwilling to tackle questions about any future product plans during his first appearance on the D10 stage Wednesday night. But Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were still able to extract all sorts of insight from Cook, on topics ranging from his old relationship with Jobs to his current relationship with Facebook.

New Samsung Chromebook & Chromebox review: Chrome OS grows up [The Verge]

Google and Chrome OS still face two huge questions. One, are we really ready for a computer that’s entirely on the internet? And two, can Google build an operating system with the right features and performance to get us there?

How Twitter Beat Facebook At Its Own Story [BuzzFeed]

Why the biggest story in the history of Facebook didn’t unfold there. The only winner in the Facebook IPO was Twitter.

Motorola: a brief history [Engadget]

It’s a long and fascinating story — one likely hazy at best for those who can only remember as far back as the original RAZR or StarTAC. So, before the company embarks on the next chapter of its history, let’s take a quick look back…

Netflix agrees to delete data on ex-customers [paidContent]

Turns out that nobody has to know about that copy of Bad Girls of Red Light District 6: The Extended Cut you rented from Netflix just over a year ago.

Rise Of The Machines: IP Traffic Is Poised To Quadruple By 2016, Driven By An Influx Of New Devices [TechCrunch]

According to Cisco, the amount of data in 2016 will be more than all the IP traffic transferred between 1984 and 2012.

Death To The Pixels [Fast Company]

Pixels are disappearing at an amazingly fast rate. Extinction could make a lot of money for a lot of people.

Fedora 17: Mm.. this stew of beefy source tastes just right [The Register]

Fedora 17 arrived on Tuesday following a three-week delay. Nicknamed Beefy Miracle, the Fedora Project promised “over and under-the-bun improvements that show off the power and flexibility of the advancing state of free software”.

Hard drive supplies back to pre-flood levels, but prices aren’t [Ars Technica]

With supplies back on the upswing, HDD prices have found a new, higher normal.

Logitech’s Latest Solar-Powered Wireless Keyboard Switches Between All Your Apple Devices on the Fly [Gizmodo]

Logitech’s latest creation not only allows you to switch between three separate devices on the fly, but is entirely solar-powered.

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