Video: How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

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So you dropped your phone in the toilet. Here’s a cheap and simple trick that just might save it.

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I had a chemistry professor once tell me the REAL trick.  Taking out your battery is always a good idea (if you can) and immediately dip your phone in or pour all over it, rubbing alcohol.  The alcohol immediately evaporates the water without damage to the components (in fact it cleans them).  The problem with rice is that it does not evaporate the water fast enough and damage starts to set in quickly. Alcohol on a cotton ball is also a great trick for cleaning your keyboard without damaging it.  i-Pods dropped in pools, i-Phones dropped in toilets and several other brands of cell phones have all been saved with a .79 cent bottle of rubbing alcohol so, add it to your shopping list if you don't have any in your house!


this is bs.........i tried it and it did not work......a big waste of time........