Social Media and Sports Don’t Mix

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Please – please! – resist the temptation to participate in social media until between innings.

This scene isn’t quite as bad as when Drew Barrymore’s character took a foul ball to the noggin in Fever Pitch, but it still looks like it hurt and — better yet – could have been avoided.

Says Travis Decker, the man hit in the shoulder by a foul ball during a recent Reds-Padres game:

I was sitting here looking at my telephone. I was trying to post into Facebook to say that I was here at the ballpark and check in, and then my brother-in-law gets out of the way – and, bang…

…This is not a good thing to do at the park, ladies and gentlemen. Be aware. Don’t text at the park.

Attaboy, Trav. Way to be a good sport about it. Head over to Mashable to check out the video of Decker’s harrowing-yet-teachable moment:

Ouch! Baseball Fan Drilled With Foul Ball While Checking Facebook [VIDEO]