“I recognize that this was a mistake.”

— Apple’s Bob Mansfield, in a letter announcing the company’s decision to rejoin environmental standards ratings group EPEAT. Apple withdrew its products from EPEAT earlier this week, upsetting some customers and prompting the city of San Francisco to stop purchasing Apple computers.

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Firozali A.Mulla
Firozali A.Mulla

The modern economy is

all hacked by the politicians and the multi billionaires’ corporation who dare

not be challenged. The division of labour was the prime aim in the

history.  After seeing the poor oppressed in the building of the wall

Of China, The Pyramids. The London Tube tunnels, one wonders how the ladies

helped in the mission. The only man was to do was hunt and bring the bore home

so wife could cook this. No more. The times changed so rapidly that women had

to give helping hand to the one-man earner. Two better than one was the prima

facial value attached then to survive. Probable it would be true to say love

existed then more.  Less of the gays, and lesbianism. And more going

for the religion saw a tremendous stride in all economy. Come 1930s when the

wars broke out we had dealt the blow of the meal a day if at all. Then we had

another in 1945 the WWII then practically shook Japan and many. The wars had

made hoarders and the ones who survived had to have the guts. Ready to go to

the prisonlike in India or South Africa. These taught all that it paid to be

firm but polite. Self-ego better then the all helping hand. The economy in 2107

had all torn and we at it and are fighting a losing battle daily. EURO created

in 199 seems to be cracking and there is no honest leader to take the charge of

the economy. I thank you Firozali A.Mulla DBA