New iPhone, Smaller iPad Rumored to Be Announced September 12

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Rene Ritchie of reports that “sources who have proven accurate in the past” are saying that the new iPhone will be announced on Wednesday, September 12.

The rumored “iPad Mini” and new iPods will come along for the ride as well, says Ritchie. As for availability, Ritchie’s sources say the new iPhone will be available on Friday, September 21.

As with all Apple rumors, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. However, as Gizmodo reminds us, “iMore nailed the date on this year’s iPad announcement almost a month ahead of time.”

If Apple does indeed announce new goodies on September 12, it’ll be a little on the early side compared to last year – the iPhone 4S was announced on October 4 and was made available on October 14.

Apple iPhone 5 and iPad mini event planned for September 12, iPhone 5 release date for September []


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It feels a lot longer since a new iPhone was released.  Genuinely surprised it was in October, less than a year ago.  I guess that's a testament to how much the hype has died down around that thing.

Billy Robinson
Billy Robinson

Apple Predictions for The Rest of 2012:

"Oct 23:

iMemory is released.

Like the Men In Black gizmo,

it erases bad memories.

I tried it and it works.

I now have no recollection of

the opening ceremonies of the Olympics."

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