Video: Electric Unicycle Racing Proposed as Olympic Sport

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This is the story of one man’s attempt to get electric unicycle racing accepted as a new and exciting Olympic sport. Check out for more information about the “electric, one-wheeled, self balancing transportation vehicle” featured in the above video.

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Hello Doug    did you finish learning how to ride that thing and are really over the 120Kg they say is the limit ?

I am 220 lbs and want to get one - 



This IS the story of one mans attempt to create a new Olympic sport, and a very sad one (attempt and story) at that. Standing on the thing for more then a few seconds would be a good start. Then he could have added a trick or possibly someone to race against. Thus far the entire sport seems like it consists of trying to stay upright....

Doug Aamoth
Doug Aamoth

Thank you for your comment! Here are some of the proposals for electric unicycle racing that I've been working on since this video was published:

- Jousting: Two electric unicycle racers ("EURs") barreling towards each other with rake handles. We use broom handles too but we don't have the funding for actual jousting equipment, and people leave rakes sitting outside more often than they do brooms. So we use them and return them (unless they break).

- Unicycle Jump: We're proposing this as a winter sport. It's pretty much exactly like the ski jump except with electric unicycles instead. Landings have been really tough so far but, then again, so is standing on the thing for more than a few seconds (as you pointed out!). We're hoping both problems sort themselves out eventually.

- Half Pipe: Just like skateboarding (Yes! There are tricks!) except with 10 EURs in the pipe at once -- two teams of five each -- and teammates can piggyback each other if their unicycle's battery runs out.

-  Bake Sales: We've been having a really hard time fundraising, but bake sales have finally started bringing in some decent money. The first one went really bad (I am not good at baking -- people got sick). The second one went great (we sold things that tasted just like Twinkies). The third one went okay (people found out we were actually just re-selling Twinkies for a LOT more than we paid for them, but they didn't seem to mind too much). 

-- Our Website! I registered last week, but haven't had a chance to (learn how to) build the site yet. Also, you may wonder why "raceing" isn't spelled "racing" in the URL like it should be. That's entirely my fault, but I won't have another $10 to re-register the name until our next bake sale. It's on Thanksgiving -- again, my fault. I don't know what I was thinking scheduling it then. 

Thank you for your interest in Team USA Electric Unicycle Racing! Please be on the lookout for our daily e-mail update (your e-mail address is on file).