Behind the Cover: Instagram Photos of the Wireless Issue

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In July, TIME asked readers all over the world to take pictures with their phones and post them on Instagram with the tag #TIMEwireless. We received 31,429 submissions, from more than 120 countries and all seven continents (including a few from Antarctica’s McMurdo Station).

Here, for your viewing pleasure, TIME’s photo editors single out our fifteen favorite pictures submitted for this project — you can see 288 of them on this week’s cover of TIME.

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Instagram is Pinterest combined with Twitter.  If you are using these filters on your iPhone then you should also get an iPhone lens designed for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 cameras. has a few of iPhone lenses.


I'm very disappointed none of my pictures were chosen. :-/  I took a picture of a pug with a Batman mask on...C'MON!!!!  

If you'd like to see it my page is @Luke_FlyTalker lol.