Paul Allen Reviews Windows 8

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Microsoft co-founders Paul Allen and Bill Gates at the PC Forum conference in February 1987

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen ended his day-to-day involvement in the company’s operations way back in 1983, when it was working on a new product called Windows. (It didn’t actually ship the first version until late 1985.)

Over at his blog, he’s published a long review of Windows 8. It’s fascinating. Not because he provides any unique insider perspective. Actually, he doesn’t even mention his background or dig into the operating system’s 27-year-history. It’s just a nice, straightforward evaluation of Windows 8 — positive, but with sensible criticisms and some tips on making it work better:

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed using Windows 8. However, there are a number of things introduced to Windows by the tablet aspect of the bimodal user experience that I found puzzling, especially for a traditional desktop user like myself.

When Apple releases new products, you know that Steve Wozniak will be quoted saying stuff about them. And — I’m sorry to say this, Woz — you know that he won’t say anything that will surprise you. Hearing from Allen is still a novelty, but his post would be worth reading even if he were some random dude who’d been trying out Microsoft’s next operating system.