Paul Allen Reviews Windows 8

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Microsoft co-founders Paul Allen and Bill Gates at the PC Forum conference in February 1987

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen ended his day-to-day involvement in the company’s operations way back in 1983, when it was working on a new product called Windows. (It didn’t actually ship the first version until late 1985.)

Over at his blog, he’s published a long review of Windows 8. It’s fascinating. Not because he provides any unique insider perspective. Actually, he doesn’t even mention his background or dig into the operating system’s 27-year-history. It’s just a nice, straightforward evaluation of Windows 8 — positive, but with sensible criticisms and some tips on making it work better:

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed using Windows 8. However, there are a number of things introduced to Windows by the tablet aspect of the bimodal user experience that I found puzzling, especially for a traditional desktop user like myself.

When Apple releases new products, you know that Steve Wozniak will be quoted saying stuff about them. And — I’m sorry to say this, Woz — you know that he won’t say anything that will surprise you. Hearing from Allen is still a novelty, but his post would be worth reading even if he were some random dude who’d been trying out Microsoft’s next operating system.

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Manuel Avellan
Manuel Avellan

MS better reign in the wagons and get prepared for the storm of criticism from consumers. Let me just say this to open an application, go up to right hand corner click, o don't click wait for a panel to open, guess which icon to open, magnifying glass, then choose programs, then among the icons choose your application. What a disaster. Explain top me again how to turn off windows....hahahahahah

Windows so far go to start, programs, application. 


who cares what Allen says. it is the consumer that will decide. reports of dislike for  tiles  on non touch devices abound. another (every 2nd OS) Vista??? MSFT will have to do heavy PR to establish Win8. so far, will stick to Win7. how many users did MSFT consult? PC hardware and Win graphics need a steep upgrade!