Talking Tom Cat App Gets Turned into an Interactive Stuffed Animal

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Hammacher Schlemmer

Do you know any children? They go nuts for the Talking Tom Cat app. If you can’t relate to a kid, just fire up the app, hand over your phone and call it a day.

The premise of the app is simple: kids (or adults) say something to Tom, and he repeats it back in a high, squeaky voice. Kids (or adults) then begin laughing, which causes Tom to laugh in a high, squeaky voice, perpetuating a near-endless cycle of shallowtainment. Oh, and you can “punch” Tom by tapping him. He’ll eventually fall over, causing additional laughter.

And what insanely popular app would be worth its salt if not transformed into a tangible toy? For $40 – roughly 40 times the cost of the app — you can have your very own plush Tomcat. There doesn’t seem to be an actual tie-in with the Talking Tom Cat app, but the plush version is the spitting image of the virtual version, and the product description sounds mighty familiar:

This is the plush Tomcat that repeats anything said to it in a cartoonish voice. Inspired by a popular smartphone app, a press of his paw enables him to record anything he hears and mimic the speaker in a high-pitched voice. Touch sensors located in his foot and belly yield grunts, whines, and purrs when pressed, just like the app. If his smart mouth offends, repeatedly tapping the top of his head produces bonking sounds until he is coldcocked into unconsciousness with the sound of chirping birds and a coo-coo clock.

The Talk Back Mimicking Tomcat [Hammacher Schlemmer]