Angry Birds: Star Wars Beaming Up (or Whatever) on November 8

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Space! A long time ago in a final frontier, Jean-Luc Skywalker and a rowdy gang of merry men stole from the stars and gave to the Sneetches who had no stars upon thars. That’s the basic premise of Star Wars, from what I understand.

Except now, the Angry Birds will be stealing their eggs back from the non-adjectived pigs. The birds represent characters from the Rebellion (Hans Olo, Jean-Luc Skywalker, Alpaca, Princess Peach, etc.) while the pigs represent characters from the Empire (Garth Vader, Emperor Pepitone, General Gracious, etc.) – sounds fun!

Get your Stargates ready and opened up or however that Star Wars beam-me-up stuff works for receiving Angry Birds: Star Wars on November 8.

Angry Birds: Star Wars [Rovio’s Tumblr via Kotaku]

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Victor J Espina Sarcos
Victor J Espina Sarcos

Man, you are so mixed up here!! "Final Frontier", "Jean-Luc Picard" and "Beanme up" are ALL references to "STAR TREK", NOT Star Wars.  There wasn't bean transportation technology in ANY of Star Wars movies. Same for "keep your Stargates opened"; that refers to Stargate SG1 and secuels...  I guess that you did all this mixed references on porpouse, but it didn't look good my friend!!