The 5 Best Sites for Downloading Gorgeous Retina Wallpaper

Bored with Apple's desktop backgrounds? Here's where can you find the crème de la crème artwork without springing for an ultra-megapixel camera.

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DiscoV8 / InterfaceLIFT

WallpapersWide. Think of WallpapersWide as the grab bag of Retina wallpaper sites, offering everything from cartoons and celebrities to “motors,” music, nature and “vintage” backgrounds (you can sort by any of those categories, and dozens more).

The only caveat: Many of its wallpapers top out below resolutions like 2560 x 1600 or 2880 x 1880, so be sure to use the handy “Filter By” resolution option on the left column. (That said, sorting by 2880 x 1880 turned up well over 400 pages of material, with 10 pictures per page.)

Cost: free

Mohammed Faisal Albasyouni / WallpapersWide

Patrick Emerson / WallpapersWide
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I've been using this article for months to link to great sites (I always forget to bookmark the ones I like), but I just wanted to say THANKS for posting this!


Wonderful resources to customize almost any screen you wish :) !

I would also like to see some sites that have 4K ultra HD wallpapers.


We get awesome quality of vintage wallpapers from various websites and downloading links; that are especially design for desktop and mobile screen; retina wallpapers are more often presents some unique quality along with digital view with an eye catching experience. Therefore we used to prefer retina wallpapers to get a different look.


A great collection of wallpapers can be also found at Some of the materials and patterns look awesome on the new iPads! Also, don't forget to check out the badge creator and engrave your name/message on your screen!