“Four more years.”
— Sent from the @BarackObama Twitter account, the tweet read "Four more years" and included a photo of the president and the first lady hugging. Within 22 minutes of going live, the tweet became the most popular of all time. (The previous record was held by Justin Bieber.)

via Buzzfeed

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We are doomed!!!!!! Theses people get away with murder (fast and furious, Benghasi) and the American people vote these people in to office. Gas will be 5.00 gal., coal will be shut down, more will be invested in "Green" energy and will be lost. Four more years my butt.


@bxgy  Don't forget about all the embassies attacked during the Bush years that went completely ignored. The only reason the Benghasi attack was sooo publicized is because of how closely it occurred to the election. Also lets not forget the gas prices in 2008. They too were out of control. 

I have cited my proof, where is your proof that Obama's time in office has been worse?