Top 10 Everything of 2012

Top 10 Everything of 2012

In 55 wide-ranging lists, TIME surveys the highs and lows, the good and the bad of the past 12 months.


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burnsy72 1 Like

Any chance of getting this over in the UK? (Or can I use a US VPN and buy a US Sub?) I'm a huge fan of Onlive in general, got 2 micro consoles, 3 gamepads, 2 PlayPack subs, this is the missing piece of the puzzle (especially since InstallFree's demise)  

TimeIsOnOurSide 1 Like

With the $5 Plus service, the web browser's SpeedTest revealed that the connection speed was 401Mbps yesterday when I tried it.

In addition to running Flash, this is the only way I know to look at changes to MS Word docs in "Show Changes" mode.

Full disclosure: I am affiliated w/OnLive