Use Facebook? Own an iPhone? Call Your Facebook-Using, iPhone-Owning Friends for Free

Facebook has rolled out free voice calling to other Facebook users via its Messenger app for iOS.

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Facebook's Messenger app for iOS.

If you find yourself perpetually blowing through the minutes on your cell phone plan and you spend a lot of time talking to people you’re also friends with on Facebook and those same people happen to own iPhones and they’ve got the Facebook Messenger app installed, there’s a solution.

Facebook has rolled out free voice calling to other Facebook users via its Messenger app for iOS. Both you and your friend will need to have the app installed for this to work, of course, but assuming that’s been taken care of, you’ll be able to make calls to one another using your phone’s cellular data connection or an available Wi-Fi connection (this should work over Wi-Fi for iPad and iPod Touch owners, too). It’s not technically free if you’re paying for your data plan or broadband connection, but none of your voice minutes will be used in the process. BuzzFeed has a simple step-by-step guide here that details how the calls are initiated.

This is not a new trick, mind you. Several other VoIP (voice over internet protocol) services – Skype being the most well-known – can do the same thing, but across platforms (Apple, Android and others) and between different devices. But Facebook has a lot of users, many of whom already use Messenger. And it’s unlikely this feature wouldn’t be rolled out to non-Apple devices sometime in the not too distant future.

The free calling feature has reportedly been available to users in Canada for a while and is now beginning to roll out to users in the U.S. as well.

Facebook launches free calling for all iPhone users in the US [The Verge]

Jason Xu
Jason Xu

wow, you couldn't do that with any free app called "Vibre" 2 years ago? Iphone's always behind the curve and yet idiots still think they're the market leader of innovation. Bull

Faith Hope
Faith Hope

Facebook provides virtual nonvalueable service to its users which is to take or to use means simply wasting of time


This isn't new technology...people in Korea and Japan have been using apps to by-pass long distance carriers for a long time.  Anyone heard  of Google voice, Kakao Talk, or Viber; all these apps allow your cellphone to make "free" calls via wi-fi.