Windows 8 Pricing Goes Back to Normal

As planned, the $39.99 upgrade deal will come to an end on February 1.

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One of the many things about Windows 8 which is new is its pricing. When Microsoft released the operating-system upgrade in October, it let PC owners upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 — a much, much lower pricetag than Windows has historically carried. It was so cheap that if you were the least bit intrigued by Windows 8, the cost was unlikely to prevent you from taking the plunge.

But Microsoft said all along that the $39.99 price was a special offer, good only through January 31. And now Windows’ official blogger, Brandon Le Blanc, is confirming that the deal is ending. As of February 1, Windows 8 Pro will be a $199.99 upgrade, and the slightly more basic Windows 8 will be $119.99.

When Microsoft announced the cheap introductory price, I thought it would probably turn into a permanent recalibration of the price of Windows — in the tech world, it’s pretty rare that the cost of anything goes up. I was wrong. But since Microsoft is simply following the plan it announced months ago, it’s a mistake to obsess over how the price hike relates to Windows 8’s sales so far. (The company keeps saying it’s doing well, but third-party reports tend to involve it getting off to a sluggish start.) And upgrades of existing PCs, while important to Microsoft, aren’t nearly as important as sales of new PCs with Windows 8 pre-installed, so the pricing experiment was never going to make or break the new OS.

Still, I wonder: If the $39.99 offer had led to an unprecedented explosion of interest in Windows 8, would Microsoft have extended the deal indefinitely? It would have had to sell an awful lot of copies to make up for the $160 reduction in profit compared to the full price of $199.99.


MS, is a corporation people love to hate. I was one of the last people to hold out with win mobile instead of an Iphone, and boyyyyyy was I sorry. Then I got the Iphone and was enchanted with the OS and the phone itself, but hated Itunes, Now I have a Nexus phone the best phone I have had, bar none, The OS is great, the integration of apps is absolutely flawless, the drag and drop feature is wonderful. And then MS comes out with those ugglyyyyy tiles on a phone which had no elegance, or maturity Mango was a half backed try to get back into a market they owned through and through prior to Iphone, and what came out was an abomination (A friend asked me to help him install some music in his phone, after an hour of trying I told him to give it back to his provider and get any other phone!!!). They now have the 8 version with what is supposed to be a great Nokia phone, I read about this great phone with this great OS everywhere but I still do not know anyone that ones one, hummmmmm Me think that MS is paying all this Magazines to write kind things about how great they are.

And so we come to talk about their UUUUUGGGGGLLLYYYYY OS win 8, I have been running a pro version for close to 6 month that I purchased for $14 as an upgrade, I figured: How can I go wrong, right?  This OS is mediocre at best, I have had crash after crash when I play games (Completely frozen screen, and the only way to get out is by forced reboot, I have had since day one a freezing of windows explorer (Everything freezes for 2 to 3 minutes) I contacted MS and a Tech took over My PC , went to MS config and disabled everything not MS, and I told her that all those apps running where exactly the same I had in Win 7 and never a crash, or a freeze, she said to try it out, nothing still a horrible lag for win explorer and games continually crash. What a piece of dirt.......

I have decided that those $14 have been some of the worst spent dollars of my life. I'm going back to win 7 until they get their OS in order.


I am with Microsoft on this, ifthey try something bold, people will fall back on Windows 7. Its not a loss of market share for them even though it will have an revenue set-back. Only few lunatics are threatening to move to OS X or Linux, which is laughable at its best since Windows 7 is rock solid and people can keep on using what they have got.

Windows 8 is for multiple-input devices like touchscreen enabled laptops, tabbooks like Surface and Thinkpad Helix, there is a lot of up-side and experimentation to this operating system and the variety of hardware that is fresh and new. There will be flux with Touch added to the "conventional PC" form factor as well as the ability of Keyboard and mice to the tablets, even if you do not enjoy Windows 8 personally, there is so much to cheer for.

Ensure your device is touch-enabled if you are installing Windows 8, not that it is bad on non-touch but you will get bang for the buck with touch.


At $200 most people will only get Windows 8 pro if they buy a computer that comes with it. Microsoft is still trying to convince users to convert to Windows 8 but the new price will keep many people at bay. Now Nokia has introduced a 3D printer kit to try to give some life to its Windows 8 Phones.

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Let me see if I understand this correctly. 

Microsoft starts with an OS that easily owns 80% of the global desktop market.  They decide to make drastic changes to that very successful OS in order to break into the world of tablets, a niche market which they have little to no presence in.  After releasing the new product with much ado and affordable price, they discover that it's not quite what people want and isn't doing as well as they hoped.  Since they bet the farm on this re-imagining, they need it to do much better.  So their solution is to triple the price?

It's a good thing I did not go into business.  Because this makes no sense to me whatsoever.