Tech Support, or the Lack Thereof

Mark Evanier's conversations with Logitech support make for surprisingly entertaining reading.

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Poor Mark Evanier is trying to get his Logitech Harmony universal remote to work with his Philips TV. He’s writing up his experiences with Logitech support, and they make for surprisingly entertaining reading.

5:49 PM — Dmitri returns to me and says that he’s sent my case to the Level Two technicians and they can’t take my call now and want to call me tomorrow. I argue a bit about this: Isn’t there a chance one of those guys could talk to me now? Dmitri goes off to check and I’m on hold for a minute or two before he returns and tells me no, it’ll have to be tomorrow. I try to arrange a time for this but Dmitri, who is obviously not on the same continent with me, doesn’t grasp the concept of North American time zones. I keep telling him I’d like that call at 10 AM Pacific Time. He keeps telling me they don’t open until 10 AM Eastern Time. I finally convince him that 1 PM Eastern Time is 10 AM Pacific Time and he says that Ben will phone me at 10 AM.

[UPDATE: Ben did indeed call Mark…and solved the problem.]