Finally, a Refrigerator with a Sparkling Water Dispenser — Make Your Own Soda, Too

Samsung and bubbly-water-making company SodaStream have partnered to build a 36-inch refrigerator with "the industry's first-ever automatic sparkling water dispenser."

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Samsung's refrigerator features a built-in SodaStream sparkling water dispenser.

Does your refrigerator have a water dispenser? Mine sure doesn’t. I had to install a filtration system underneath our sink like a common heathen! None of that matters now, though, since I’d be kicking myself if I’d bought a fridge with a regular water dispenser.

Why? Because this exists.

Samsung and bubbly-water-making company SodaStream have partnered to build a 36-inch refrigerator with “the industry’s first-ever automatic sparkling water dispenser,” according to a joint press release.

Here’s more:

With the new Samsung Four-Door Refrigerator with sparkling water dispenser, getting the crisp delicious taste of sparkling water is as easy as pushing a button. Using the same control panel they would use to select between water or ice, consumers can select up to three levels of carbonation for their sparkling water, giving them just what they are looking for to quench their thirst. The sparkling water dispenser uses a standard SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinder that rests in a small, concealed area inside the left refrigerator door, which is easily accessible to change when empty.

For anyone unfamiliar with SodaStream’s line of products, the company produces an in-home line of machines that let you carbonate water and, if you’re inclined, add flavors to make your own soda, tea, lemonade, Kool-Aid, energy drinks and more. Here’s a review of the SodaStream Penguin machine that I did a million years ago:

So you’d basically have your own fancy soda maker as part of your fridge (the fridge produces boring still water and ice, too). How much will this miracle of modern technology set us back? A cool $3,900 – and we’ll have to wait until April.

Samsung and SodaStream Announce the First-Ever Four-Door Refrigerator with Sparkling Water Dispenser [BusinessWire]


What a great looking refrigerator! My family has always loved sparkling water, and this would make is sooooo convenient. I'm going to run over and see if has something like this. If they do, then I'm going to buy it in a second!


@Techland Sugary Sodas are banned in New York. The objective of the Brand new Soda-Fridge might be received as a Rogue venture.. #FYI