This Pen Can Start Fires

Fire-starting pen, eh? I'm listening.

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Fire-starting pen, eh? I’m listening. Normally I wouldn’t spend $40 on a pen but, hey, you never know when you’re going to be working on erotic sketches of yourself writing poetry meant for all ages in an unfamiliar part of the woods when the sun sets.

Here’s a little info about $40 Tactical Fire Striker Pen from ThinkGeek:

Twist the tip to get the pen part – that much is standard. But unscrew the clip section of the Tactical Fire Striker Pen and you’ll reveal the fire striker. Then, just use the ridges on the part you just unscrewed to scrape the fire striker and make sparks. Make sparks in the right place, and you’ve made fire.

Again, yes, it’s $40. But assuming you never buy matches again, this thing will pay for itself in tens or maybe hundreds of years. And you can use it to write stuff, too.

Tactical Fire Striker Pen [ThinkGeek via Gizmodo]