Windows 8 Users: Here’s What’s Coming in the First Big Update

Do you use Windows 8? You're about to get an update to Windows 8.1.

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Do you use Windows 8? You’re about to get an update to Windows 8.1. Microsoft’s Jensen Harris shows off some of the changes in the above 4.5-minute video.

The topics covered are, in order:

  • Lock screen (pulls in your images)
  • Start screen (tile size changes)
  • All Apps screen (sorting options)
  • Personalization options (background colors and wallpaper)
  • New search features (curated results)
  • SkyDrive (cloud-based storage)
  • Multitasking (resizable app windows)

The Windows 8.1 preview will be available June 26 if you’d like to try things out early. Otherwise, the update will roll out later this year.

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What a waste of their effort, there are TWO major issues to be fixed and they did NOT fix either. All they have done is add 'fluff' to what is already there. They need to add a 'REAL' start button that mimics that in windows 7 (Just use Classic Shell, or Start8, or any of the many other replacements as a template if they forgot what it looks like). Second, for 'Desktop' and 'Laptop' PCs the default for opening anything (images, documents, PDFs, whatever else) needs to be a real windows PROGRAM (NOT an app). these apps only waste your time and are in the way on a PC or Laptop. Keep the apps where they should be on phones and tables. As for tablets, MS should do away with that 'Real Trash' aka 'RT'. Just fix this already. If they do not get it soon then I can see other Desktop programs replacing MS in the future, one strong contender is ( I have not yet installed it, but they seem to be doing things right based on what I have reviewed thus far.



I somewhat agree with you here, although it's not all bad.  In a lot of ways Windows 8 is better than windows 7, but the learning curve is steep.

I think Microsoft is still trying to figure out exactly how apps should behave on a PC and we're the guinea pigs.  They're not budging from their current path however, so the best we can hope for is updates like this that at least allow us to have multiple apps open at the same time....somehow.