Xbox One: November Launch, $499 Price Tag

Microsoft ripped the Band-Aid off during its press conference at E3 2013

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Jared Newman /

Rather than leave the price of the Xbox One a mystery, Microsoft ripped the Band-Aid off during its press conference at E3 2013.

The Xbox One will cost $499, €499 and £429 when it launches in November. That price includes a controller, the new version of Kinect. The console itself comes with 500 GB of storage and a Blu-ray player.

Players who preorder the Xbox One from major retailers will recieve bonus content for Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals and Dead Rising 3. They’ll also get a commemorative Day One achievement on their Xbox Live accounts, and a special controller with the words Day One on it.

Microsoft made a few other announcements during its E3 press briefing:

  • Starting today, Microsoft is selling a redesigned Xbox 360 that takes after the look of the Xbox One. The Xbox 360 software is also getting a face-lift with a more modern look. Microsoft says it’s still committed to the aging platform, with hundreds more games on the way.
  • For new and existing Xbox Live customers, Microsoft will give away two Xbox 360 games for download per month, from July 1 until the Xbox One launch in November.
  • A new Halo game is coming in 2014, but no other details were given except that it will run at 60 frames per second.
  • Finally, Microsoft is ditching Microsoft Points and letting players pay for all Xbox One content with real currency.

Announcements aside, most of Microsoft’s E3 press event was dedicated to actual games that will run on the Xbox One. I’ll have more thoughts on the event later today.


You vote with your wallet. Tell them "No. I will not be raped financially for a handicapped machine." "I will not pay $60 for a game and willingly give up my right to sell it." "Whether my internet is on or not is none of your concern. I paid for this box so I will use it as I please. There is no reason for me to check in with you."

And what's with that kinect garbage? That gimmick didn't work on 360 why stick with this failing concept? I watch TV with my TV. You can't fool me with your Apple iPad approach. I need not a box to center my home system around. And if I ever did want a central system it would be a hand built PC.


$499 or 499€ or 499£, it's so expensive.


@RebKarda59 $500 Xbox One console. $500 = 5 Games $1000 Total . 1 years worth of gaming @ 2000-3000 Hours. Wow that's really expensive entertainment.50cents per hour. Get of ya lazy arse and get a job


Getting rid of MS Points is loooong overdue