O.K., iOS 7 Is Definitely Still a Work in Progress

Apple gives its upcoming mobile OS a new standard font.

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Back on June 10, Apple unveiled iOS 7 — and within nanoseconds, people started criticizing it on a multitude of grounds, aesthetic and otherwise. I had my own reservations, but I also concluded that the beta version, far more than most Apple betas, was a rough draft subject to meaningful revision.

And here’s evidence for that theory, courtesy of Marco Arment: Apple released an updated beta today with a new standard system font. The company swapped out the rather wispy Helvetica Neue Light in favor of plain old Helvetica Neue, a blacker version of the same typeface. It should make everything a quicker, easier read, especially in instances when the text in question is anything other than black text on a white background.

I wonder if there will be any more fundamental refinements of this sort before the software reaches consumers sometime this fall?