Razor Builds the Ultimate Drifting Go-Kart: Why Must I Always Be Over the Weight Limit for Everything Good in This World?

Toys R Us asked me to "please stop even looking at it on our website, just in case."

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Whelp, here’s the coolest go-kart in the history of mankind. Too bad I blow through its 140-pound weight limit with such destructive force that Toys R Us asked me to “please stop even looking at it on our website, just in case.”

This $400 miracle of mobility is made by Razor (of Razor Scooter fame), sports a patented drift bar, can whip around in a frenzy of 360-degree agility and has a top speed of 12 miles per hour. Check out the above video to see a kid and a grown man (who apparently somehow weighs 140 pounds or less) having the time of their lives.

If there’s a knock against this product (aside from the weight limit), it’s that the battery only lasts 40 minutes but takes 12 hours to charge. Kids these days have way, way, way cooler toys than we did, but they still have similarly crappy battery technology. In life, you have to experience some let-downs to truly enjoy the good moments, kids.

Razor Crazy Cart [Toys R Us via Gizmodo]


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