App Lets You Donate Your Leftovers – Or Take Someone Else’s for Yourself

Think of it like Craigslist for other people's uneaten food.

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In tech, it’s not uncommon to discover solutions in search of problems. Wasting food is a problem in search of a solution, however, and one enterprising group is looking to address it with an app called LeftoverSwap.

It works like you’d expect: If you’ve got leftovers you’re not going to finish, you can take a photo of the food and post it to the app. If you’re hungry, fire up the app and you’ll see the available leftovers plotted on a map in your area. The hungry person contacts the satiated person to arrange a pickup.

The whole idea seems no more or less creepy than Craigslist, if you can get past the whole “eating strangers’ partially-eaten food” thing.

According to the L.A. Times, the app is supposed to launch today for the iPhone – check for it in the App Store – with an Android version planned later.

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