Infinity Blade III Hits the App Store Next Week, Wraps Trilogy

Epic's tactical action game arrives on September 18.

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Surprise, it’s a new Infinity Blade, just when you weren’t expecting one. Unless you were expecting it, in which case, congratulations, you have a career with the Psychic Network!

Infinity Blade III, developed by series mainstay ChAIR Entertainment, will be with us by around this time next week, September 18., and exclusive to the Apple App Store at $6.99. That’s it looking all 64-bit-oiled and next-gen-A7-sleek in the boisterous trailer above.

At this pace, if anyone doubts that ever-more-powerful smartphones and tablets are on the fast track to rival locked-in-time consoles capability-wise — including the upcoming next-gen ones — well, you probably have a dinner date with a member of the oscine passerine family in your future.

The final entry in publisher Epic Games’ action-strategy series will offer not one but two playable characters, each with their own combat moves: the warrior Siris (from the prior games), and Isa, a “stealthy female warrior-thief.” They’re joined by “the Hideout,” a new hub world that lets players “discover the interactive world map and unlock all-new allies to join their cause,” says ChAIR.

It was pleasant to see Apple use a game to highlight the power of the just-unveiled iPhone 5S, which Apple described as twice as fast as the A6-powered iPhone 5 during its Tuesday press event. It was slightly less pleasant to note that Apple seems to view gaming as glibly as its competitors, obsessed with raw power and visual pizzazz instead of more broadly representative gameplay ingenuity.

Fear not, older iPhone owners: The game will run (no idea how smoothly) on the iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPod Touch.