Evernote Gets ‘Post-it Note Mode’ for Digitizing Those Square Sticky Things You Write On

If you still remember how to write with a pen or pencil, this could be of interest to you.

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Pens! Who needs ’em?

The last pen I used tried to kill me. Within a split-second of writing something, my hand — withered from decades of not writing — cramped up and sent shooting pains up my entire arm, at which point I fell to the floor, smacking my head on our coffee table on my way down. I’m thank, fine you very much. “Maybe you should see a doctor.” Don’t business my tell me!

If Evernote is the 21st-century version of the Post-it Note, why shouldn’t it actually partner with those old-timey, sticky squares?

The iOS 7 version of the Evernote app now features a “Post-it Mode” that lets you snap photos of your scribblings and can even color-code them for various uses.

Post-it.com offers up the following examples:

In Evernote, establish a notebook for family notes. Next assign a specific color of Post-it® Note to each family member so everyone knows immediately who a note is for. Simply write down chores, to-do’s or important information on an individual color and shoot it with the Evernote camera in Post-it® Note mode. Now you can leave a physical reminder, and share notes in Evernote so they have the information – wherever they may be.

You can take the same approach by assigning colors to specific tasks to quickly identify relevance for yourself. Things like immediate to-do’s, back burner Items, follow-up-on-this reminders all become instantly identifiable in Evernote.

Evernote’s site adds that once your captured Post-it notes are digitized, they become searchable thanks to built-in handwriting recognition. Your notes can also be shared with others.

Certain packs of Post-it notes will contain 30-day subscriptions to Evernote Premium, which normally runs $5 per month of $45 per year. The latest version of the Evernote iOS app can be downloaded here. The Post-it feature is currently exclusive to Apple devices – no word on whether it’ll come to Android.

Post-it Brand and Evernote Collaborate to Bridge the Analog Digital Gap [3M]