Log-Off Facebook Campaign Gets 2,379 Likes. #IdentityCrisis?

The #instacurity campaign uses social media to urge social media addicts to kick the habit

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Samia Khan and Justin Gordon define “instacurity” as a mental disorder marked by an “excessive concern with one’s social media presence, influence, and/or likability.”

To combat this modern-day malady, they’ve created an online campaign, #instacurity, which reaches out to addicts via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It includes a mock Public Service Announcement in which actors and comedians spew out alarming statistics and teary-eyed testimonials, like the woman who claims, “I posted about my dead grandma, just to get likes, and she died before I was born.”

The PSA has ricocheted across the the blogosphere, collecting a fair number of likes and retweets along the way — but the creators don’t really care about that, right? Watch, and try not to “like” for their sake.


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