Facebook Now Lets Teens Live Out Their Awkward Years in Public

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Kids! You can now post public Facebook updates. The feature is rolling out today.

The latest news from Facebook HQ almost seems like a compromise of sorts: For starters, if you’re between the ages of 13 and 17, anything you post will now default to “Friends” instead of “Friends of Friends” as it did before. So in that sense, your privacy has been locked down a bit more.

On the other hand, you can now post publicly and turn on the Follow feature so you can start amassing your legions of fans. And just to make sure you don’t post something publicly that should actually posted privately, you’ll see the following nag box reminding you that what you’re about to post can ruin your life “can be seen by others, not just people you know.”



The Internet: It’s like permanent marker, except way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way more permanent. And smelling it doesn’t make you dizzy.

Teens Now Start With “Friends” Privacy for New Accounts; Adding the Option to Share Publicly [Facebook]


The law explicitly states what a minor is and how to treat a minor.

No alcohol, no nude bars, no gambling, ... mind you, all of those restrictions have not been introduced to protect the public from the teenager but to protect the teenager from himself.

And all of a sudden FB appears and puts the burden of responsibility onto a person who is amidst the process of finding out who she is and what her place in modern society is. Insecure, curious, fickle, frivolous and gullible.

What are we supposed to get from her ? Can we really expect those type of person to deal reasonable and responsible with so much power at her hands ? Or do we have to expect "sexting" and the inevitable public shaming getting fully out of control ?

What goes around comes around.


"something publicly that should actually posted privately?" - is this article some kind of a joke?